1. Approx 260 students study in APS Bagrakote (Class I to X). APS has remained non-functional due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic since 22nd Mar, 2020. Board exams of Class X had concluded before lockdown.

Prep For Routine Classes

  1. (a) Attendance: School mgt to info parents & students that classes would be conducted with 50% attendance as under:-

(i) On Mon, Wed & Fri – Students with odd roll numbers to attend.

(ii) On Tue, Thu &  Sat –  Students with even roll numbers to attend.

(b) Instructions for students be disseminated through electronic media. The same on att as Appx ‘A’

(c) Complete sanitization of school before school reopens.

(d) Seating arrng. 20 students/class room be accommodated. Each twin seating desk be divided into two parts. At one side letter ‘O’ is to be painted/marked & at the other side end letter ‘E’ Signifying odd and even. Odd roll numbers students to sit on ‘O’ side and on next day Even roll number students to sit on ‘E’ side.

(e) Important Topics. School to decide wrt subject content i.e important topics requiring emphasis or understanding by students be conducted in class rooms by teachers physically where as assignments, revision and not go important topics be disseminated through “Whatsapp”.

Modality of Conduct of School

  1. To ensure safe “Social Distancing” all possible efforts to be taken to prevent large gathering/congestion of students at any place. Max congestion is envisaged during:-

(a) Entry to school

(b) Recess Time

(c) Dispersal

  1. Entry to school. To decongest fwg procedure is suggested:-

(a) Two gate i.e Main & Rear should be used for entry of students. Rear Gate can be used by teachers/visitors (if any).

(b) Primary class students i.e from  Class I to Class V be allowed to enter through the “Rear Gate ” Whereas students of Class VI to XII through the “North Gate”. This arrng would equally divide the students at each gate. Instructions would be reqd to be passed to school buses to drop students accordingly.

(c) Students will move in a straight line maintaining social distancing. The temperature of students would be checked through the “IR Thermal Scanner”. The distr of school staff at each gate would be as under:-

(i) Thermal Screening                           – 01

(ii) Social Distancing/Discipline          – 04

(iii) Hand Sanitizing                               -04

(iv) 06 teachers, 04 office staff and 08 Group-D will be on duty Daily (On weekly rotation basis).

(d) Aerosol based hand sanitizers would be placed in two/entrances. After sanitizing their hand students would move to their respective class rooms.

(e) Teachers & other Staff.  They will be screened under the supervision of the Principal.

Conduct During School Hours

  1. No central morning assy would be held. Students will remain in their respective Class rooms. Central PA system would be utilized for morning assy activities like giving out “thought for the day”. Reading out News etc by the students.
  2. Central PA sys would also be utilized for disseminated COVID instructions regularly.
  3. Teachers would ensure social distancing and active class participation.
  4. Recess. Students would remain in class and have their tiffin however teachers would ensure that students do not go to Washroom in groups.
  5. Contingency Plan for Sick Students.

(a) If someone is found sick (staff/student) the individual would be rushed to 158 BH in school van along with school nurse for immediate medical assistance.

(b) Immediately parents/guardians would be informed and called.

(c) Sanitization of the room or areas.

(d) Identification of all students who could have come in contact of the sick person will be carried out.


  1. (a) Junior classes (I to V) will disperse 15 min earlier than other classes maintaining social distancing.

(b) One after another classes will only be allowed to disperse.

(c)  Each class teacher will guide the children upto the bus/gate.

(d) Proper Social distancing will be maintained by the teachers detailed during the dispersal.

  1. Sanitization for next day After dispersal of students from school, under supervision of Principal school would be sanitized and all rooms are locked and keys to be kept in the Principal’s office.
  2. Misc. Pts

(a) Co-curricular Activities:- School apart from imparting lessons on academic subject will also focus on the development of all round skills of students. In order to achieve the same the co-curricular activities like debate, singing, dance etc. be planned at smaller scale classwise or by combining classes to be held in School Auditorium.

(b) Assignments: Assignments to check assimilation by students be given regularly. A file/ student be opened and student be asked to submit assignment in A4 size paper. The same would be checked by the teacher after a gap of 72 hours . This would also facilitate in monitoring the progress of students as well as for internal assessment

(c) Guidelines for Parents:               -Att as Appx ‘B’

(d) Guidelines for teachers/staff:     -Att as Appx ‘C’

(e) Guidelines for school buses:      -Att as Appx ‘D’

  1. Conclusion: Due to COVID-19 pandemic all the precautions are reqd to be taken for safe conduct of APS. This would entail addl responsibility of Principal, Teacher and Staff. Innovative methods would be reqd to impart instructions and also for ensuring that it doews not become monotonous. The above guidelines to be followed in letter & spirit till such time situation becomes normal.

Appx ‘A’

(Ref HQ 111 Sub Area

letter no 04026/ASB/Gen/A2

dt    Jun 2020)


  1. Cover your face with face mask always.
  2. Avoid touching handle/bar/seat of bus or vehicle.
  3. Seat singly in one seat and maintain social distancing while bus is plying.
  4. Avoid eating or drinking water while travelling.
  5. Any problem you face while travelling, ask bus conductor for help.
  6. Stand in queue for thermal scanning and maintain social distancing while entering the school premises.
  7. Wash your hands with soap at water point located at the entrance gate
  8. Take a drop of hand sanitizer at entrance gate and maintain social distancing as always.
  9. Enter in your respective class/ section by maintaining social distancing and sit as per the sitting arrangement made by your class teachers.
  10. Avoid touching other students books/belongings.
  11. Wash your hands for not less than 20 seconds on regular basis during breaks/free time.
  12. Eat self-carrying food stuffs only.
  13. Any breathing problem/ any sickness please ask help from the class teachers
  14. After classes are over, take your belongings and stand in the queue for dispersal. Please wait for your turn and maintain social distancing as always.
  15. Don’t stigmatize your peers or tease anyone for being sick; always rememeber that virus doesant follow geographical boundaries.
  16. Be a leader in keeping your school, family and community healthy.








Appx ‘B’

(Ref HQ 111 Sub Area

letter no 04026/ASB/Gen/A2

dt    Jun 2020)


  1. Wearing mask and social distancing is must for your wards.
  2. Handover homemade tiffin.
  3. Hanover water bottle with sufficient water.
  4. Give one small bottle of hand sanitizer for self-use.
  5. Keep one extra face mask in the bag.
  6. After returning from school, sanitize your ward(s) properly and change all clothes
  7. Everyday washed dress will be worn.
  8. Aarogya Setu App must be installed in your smartphone.
  9. If your child is sick, please monitor the symptoms of Covid-19, it is advisable to visit the physician and perform the Corona Test.
  10. Motivate your children to cope with stress amidst all restrictions. Keep their morale high.

                                                                                                                                                Appx ‘C’

(Ref HQ 111 Sub Area

letter no 04026/ASB/Gen/A2

dt    Jun 2020)


  1. Thermal Scanning Duty at 2 entrance points.
  2. Water point duty for washing hands by students for entering into the school.
  3. Ensuring that hand sanitizers are used by all students.
  4. Maintaining social distancing by all students.
  5. Class Teachers/ Subject Teachers duty to ensure healthy environment at classes/labs/library
  6. Planned frisking duty and invigilation duty.
  7. Students dispersal duty
  8. Office staff and Group-D will follow the duty as per the charter of the duties/ additional duties given to the authorities.
  9. Aarogya Setu App must be installed in your smart phone.
  10. Plan for continuity of learning even by online classes through the aids of different mediums.

                                                                                                                                                Appx ‘ D’

(Ref HQ 111 Sub Area

letter no 04026/ASB/Gen/A2

dt    Jun 2020)


  1. Bus driver and staff will maintain proper social distancing among children within the bus.
  2. Buses should be sanitized on a daily basis.
  3. Ensure wearing face mask by the children and the bus staff members.
  4. Keep Sanitizer facility in the entrance point of the buses.
  5. Any student found with symptoms of sickness should be informed to the school authority as well as to the parents immediately.
  6. Aarogya Setu App must be installed in your smartphone.









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