Launch of the Robotics Lab supported by Roboyuga

Robotics Lab

Robotics is an integral part of our school curriculum for class 4 onwards. It has been integrated with our Mathematics and Science curriculum to enhance creativity and curiosity of the young students. The hardware, software and training support has been provided by a leading national brand who are specialists in the field. This hands on experience will help students explore fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics commonly known as the ‘STEM’.

Students will be taught the process of assembling Robots at different levels by the aid of different module

Module 1:- Class IV – VI Robotics programming using Mindstorm Lego Kit

Module 2:- Class VII – VIII Robotics programming using Adruino Uno & Genuine Uno Kit

Module 3:- Class IX – X Robotics programming using Rasberry Pi Kit


We are focussed on giving the students with state of the art- infrastructure to nurture their creativity. Ensuing the enthusiasm to invent, create and learn. This comes as a testament as Central Board of Secondary Education has laid the emphasis to implement Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab.


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