Online Teachers Training Program conducted by Mindspark, Wordsworth and Extramarks

Mindspark Online Training – 16th April 2020


APS Bagrakote organized an online training session with Mindspark on the 16th of April 2020 at 5:00pm. The training was attended by subject teachers of APS Bagrakote – Mrs. Tasnima, Mr. SK Samiul, Mrs. Carol, Mrs. Pallavi and Mr. Gouranga. The session was delivered by Mrs Sarbani Mukherjee – Academic Consultant from Mindspark.

Mindspark is a digital learning platform based on Artificial Intelligence for subjects – English, Science and Maths. Questions are designed on the basis of detailed classroom studies and research in student learning – to specifically identify common student errors and misconceptions. 

Learning through Mindspark platform occurs by answering questions and understanding of concepts. Questions are tailored to a child’s knowledge level addressing common errors & misconceptions. It also provides in-depth explanations of the concepts as well as visuals and animations for effective learning.

The following action plan was designed

Action plan. 

Step 1   Teachers log in IDs will be created & shared before the training

Step 2 Teachers will go into the interface & activate the topics after the training(For any issue assistance will be provided instantly) 

Step 3 students will be distributed the IDs 

Step 4 They will be instructed from the school to start to use the program

Step 5 All the teachers need to track the usage of respective classes. 

Step 6 For motivating the students the school can declare a contest & it can be announced that highest sparky holders from each class will be the winner. 

Sparky is a kind of point that the students get for effective usage of Mindspark . 

The training session was both interactive as well as interesting as teachers were motivated with new ways of transferring knowledge during the COVID – 19 lockdown.

Wordsworth English Lab Online training –14th May 2020 

‘Language is a road Map of a culture.’

APS Bagrakote Organized an interactive online training session with Wordsworth English Lab on the 14th of May 2020.  The training was divided into two sessions and attended by the Principal, computer teacher – Mr. Deb Deep and language teachers of APS Bagrakote – Ms. Carol, Ms. Tasnima, Ms. Aruna , Ms. Darpana and Mr. Samiul.  It was delivered by Mr. Jasvinder Singh via Zoom meeting. 

The Wordsworth English Lab is currently used by 3000 schools in India which cater to about 1 million students and has been in use for approximately 12 years. Since text books are not able to cater to most aspects of English this web based learning is designed in such a way so as to perceive what Indian learners lack and how they can improve their communicative skills. The languages in use are English, Hindi and Sanskrit. Students will be able to assess the language of their choice and complete assigned activities which will in turn be reviewed by the subject teacher. 

In wake of a lock down situation the management considered this to be a good way of keeping students engaged. It would further be implemented in the language laboratory once the school reopens.



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